Our staff are hired in compliance with state requirements and qualifications as a base minimum. Typical staff certifications are as follows:

Position Education/Certification Experience
Head Teacher Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education 2 years
Teacher Child Development Associate Certification 1 year
Assistant/Aide High School Diploma or GED 2 years
Group Supervisor Associate Degree in related field Dependent on education level

As our classrooms grow with the transition into the new building (projected May 2017) we will be filling the following positions:

Infant room (ages 6 months to 14 months): Head Teacher & Assistant Teacher
Young Toddler room (ages 14 months to 24 months): Head Teacher & Assistant Teacher
Older Toddler room (ages 24 months to 36 months): Head Teacher & Assistant Teacher
Floater – breaks for lunch/curriculum building Assistant or Aide
Summer Program (school age) (enrollment based): Head Teacher & Assistant Teacher
Before and After School Program (school age): Enrollment based – Head Teacher
Bus driver CDL required
In-house sick bay: Licensed Practical Nurse or Certified Nurse Assistant